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Video: Pulmonologist Testifies That Automotive Exhaust Did Not Kill George Floyd

“Mr. Floyd, when he went to Hennepin County, he had an arterial blood gasoline obtained, in order that’s sticking a needle into the artery on the wrist, and you are taking out the blood. And also you get all these completely different measurements, and also you additionally get the oxygen saturation. And that’s the, how a lot of the hemoglobin, the protein within the blood that carries the oxygen, how a lot of that hemoglobin is saturated with oxygen. And we all know in Mr. Floyd that it was 98 p.c saturated.” “So 98 p.c saturated with oxygen.” “With oxygen, after they measured it in Hennepin County.” “Does that inform us something by any means about what the carbon monoxide content material may have been at a most?” “Sure, it does. It tells us that if the hemoglobin is saturated at 98 p.c, it tells you all all there was for the whole lot else is 2 p.c. And so the utmost quantity of carbon monoxide could be 2 p.c. That tells you the utmost quantity of carboxyhemoglobin. That was what was talked about yesterday. The utmost quantity is 2 p.c, it doesn’t even let you know that it’s 2 p.c — it could possibly be one thing else. However 2 p.c of carboxyhemoglobin is throughout the regular vary. You and I’ve ranges of carboxyhemoglobin of someplace between zero and three.” “And so, in different phrases, as to the assertion that his carboxyhemoglobin may have elevated by 10 to 18 p.c, in your view, that’s not potential.” “It’s merely fallacious.” “And it was, at most, 2 p.c.” “At most 2 p.c.” “Regular.” Very, I imply, which is regular.”

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