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Joe Biden swats a cicada that dive-bombed his neck

The Brood X cicadas, a minimum of in elements of the US, are freaking in every single place. Even the president himself can not escape the noisy bugs’ wrath. 

President Joe Biden deftly swatted one of many critters that dive-bombed his neck on tv on Wednesday. Here is the video of Biden slapping the bug as he ready to board Air Pressure 1 to embark on a visit to Europe.

The cicada-swatting incident occurred at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. As somebody who lately spent vital time within the D.C./Maryland space, I can safely say the cicadas are presently at stage holy crap. They blanket the bottom, alive, lifeless, squished. Or they’re buzzing in your face, touchdown in your shirt as hundreds of thousands of their buddies emit a relentless, echoing hum. The bugs are, nevertheless, completely innocent. They do not chunk or sting and largely simply buzz round aimlessly. 

Biden even joked with the press, “Be careful for the cicadas, I simply received one.” 

The press, nevertheless, ended up having a far worse encounter with the bugs. The aircraft set to hold White Home press to Europe was grounded due to cicadas.

The plane could not fly after the bugs brought on a mechanical challenge, apparently after flying into an engine. The press remained grounded for some seven hours earlier than a substitute aircraft arrived.

These dang bugs are relentless. 

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